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Bonus Wedding!

Feb 4, 2013

So ask any wedding photographer, and I think they would agree with me that a February wedding is a bonus. It gets you off the couch during an otherwise typically slow part of the year. However Rachael and Robert’s beautiful wedding Saturday at the Holland Center was a bonus for so many more reasons, starting with I’ve known both of them since high school! Which brings me to another bonus, they were high school sweethearts, so the memories and well wishes were even that much more plentiful:)

There was a bonus coordinated first dance, a mathematical seating arrangement, and an unbeatable menu for my post holiday bonus waistline. Rachael had a bonus white dress for the party, and Robert had a wedding band made of Molybdenum. If you don’t know what that is, ask you’re local MIT grad:) I had to…

And bonus number 1,043 is that I got to see two people who in the past 10 years have grown up, grown together and become even more perfect for one another. It was so wonderfully obvious during the reading of their tear jerking apocalyptic love letters, and show choir style boogying that Robert and Rachael have made that transition from goofy high school sweethearts to goofy husband and wife.

Thank you both for letting me be a part of this hilarious and beautiful day that was yes, many years in the making, but unarguably so worth that wait. Oh, and thanks for the bonus high school reunion:) Enjoy the preview!

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