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World Famous!

May 20, 2013

Invitations to Melissa and Jeff’s gorgeous wedding went out to more than 20 different states, all hailing them to join in the celebration happening on the 18th of May in the world Famous Omaha, NE. And the mixing of all these out of towners was so much fun to see! There were questions about tornados, our weird grass, allergies, how cheap homes were, all the things we Omaha residents hardly take any notice of anymore. Being a east coast resident herself, Melissa was the best sport of all. She let me march her all over outside in her wedding dress, cruised Dodge in an open air trolley, and was smiling and laughing the whole time. But the biggest smile of the day goes to the groom, when he finally got to see his bride coming down the lengthy aisle of the Presbyterian Church of the Cross. ┬áThe good times kept going on one of our World Famous Trolleys, and we decided what better way to spend our free hour than speeding Omaha’s main drag at 55mph to goof around Memorial Park, where there were plenty of blossoming trees to keep Melissa the tree hugger happy:) Onward Guacamolle the trolley went to the Hilton Downtown for a lovely evening of celebration, and some top gun style singing. I didn’t know a single soul involved before meeting Jeff and Melissa in planning this wedding and afterward I was ready to invite them all over for Sunday brunch. They were so excited to be in Omaha, to be with this adorably happy couple, and to let me stick my camera in the face all day. I hope you enjoy the preview!


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  1. Diane says:

    Beautiful photos! Beautiful couple! Beautiful wedding!

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