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May 29, 2013

You know you are lucky when you can fill up a wedding party of 14 with strictly members of your immediate family! And they say the more the merrier right? Well I believe it, and I hope both Christina and Steven’s family agree, because I am proposing my adoption into both families, simultaneously. Christina comes from a family of all girls, so I’ll fit in like a borrowed pair of shoes, and well Steven is one of 12, so I can’t add too much chaos right? And I would have an endless supply of brothers to teach me how to dance… except for Steven with his 2 left feet:) Sorry buddy, but you did look in perfect form while dancing with your lovely bride and adorable mother, so that counts for something. I got to hang out in Hastings with this large, loving, rowdy crowd and I found out that even if they don’t know you, people in Hastings will honk good wishes for a wedding. My kind of town:) What the casual passerby may not have noticed though is how Steven could get Christina to smile just by leaning in towards her, or how she can hold her own in a group of 8 boys trying to rile her up, or how I could put the two of them in the middle of a party bus, a city auditorium, a huge church, or a park alone and they will giggle and tease like they have only been dating for a couple of weeks. It was irresistible! I have a feeling they will be doing the same thing in 30 years at their own kids’ ¬†wedding. Maybe I will get to attend that event, seeings how I am going to be adopted in soon:) Enjoy the sample!


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