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Don’t forget…

Jun 24, 2013

…the cupcake tower, ┬áJustin’s cowboy boots, to get the marriage license, to unthaw the butterflies, your needle and thread, to turn on the trolley’s AC, to stay off the bride’s veil, your smartphone, Jimmy John’s, the custom koozies, to order the guest book, to plan your poses for the photo booth, the bridal party’s sunglasses, to set up the big screen for the tunnel walk, to email your toast to yourself, to give your grandma a huge hug, to bring your $ for the garter auction, and to bring your dancing shoes!

Is it obvious that Justin and Erin’s wedding pretty well had it all? I hope so because unless a ballon animal artist showed up I can’t think of a single thing that could have made the day more perfect, and for all I know they had one at the rehearsal dinner:) Erin and Justin are the type of couple that would have still been just as happy if they were married on a Tuesday in the middle of nowhere with just witnesses but then what would their 18 closest friends and an adoring photographer would have done on Saturday night? There was literally a limitless amount of fun things to photograph but mostly it was those 18 buddies, a fun-loving family, and a couple who truly deserved such a great celebration that kept my trigger finger going all day. Enjoy the sampling!

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  1. Allison Raetz says:

    Well said! They had it all, but at the end of the day all they need is each other! You did a fabulous job capturing their BIG day!

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