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Stop and ask for directions!

Jul 1, 2013

1. Keep your mouth shut

2. Put God first

3. Stop and ask for directions

Those were the 3 tips from an adorable couple at Sara and Zach’s wedding, that had been married for 65 short years. There was marriage bliss all around, but to see a couple like that still holding hands and joking with us whipper snappers about love was irresistible.  This blissful day started at Zach’s family farm in Harlan, where there was plenty of space, trees, smiling faces, the best groomsman/best dog ever, 30 mph winds, and smooching going on that we could have stayed all day. But we eventually headed to the church to make this marriage official, and good thing I suppose because the wind decided to bring on the rain just long enough for the newlywed Lynch’s to be blessed with future wealth and many children:)  Then their guests made it rain rose petals to send the couple onto the Willow Creek Glass Chapel to dance, toast, and party the evening away.  And the next morning we all got to enjoy homemade jam made by Sara and her little wedding elves. As a matter of fact, the bride, groom, and those handy helpers made a ton of awesome stuff. There were vintage suitcases, wooden candle holders, a cake holder that also had help from a beaver, and personal vows. Obviously Sara and Zach don’t need any wedding advice, but if I could give them my bit of marriage advice it would be to keep smiling at each other and sneaking in kisses:) Enjoy the preview.


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