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Oh yes they did…

Aug 6, 2013

I love Nebraska weddings, we do things the way we want, with the people we want to, in the shoes we love best:) The same goes for Des and Drew this Saturday. ¬†For example: they are from the same small town and even after knowing each other through the awkward high school years, found love. They honored their parents during the ceremony. The bridesmaids were shoe swapping until the last minute before the ceremony to make sure everyone had the most comfortable pair, no catty shoe hogging here:) Speaking of shoes… Des was all girl for the first part of the day, but as soon we got on that party bus she was ready to rip those heels right off and had her boots waiting. They stood out in the rain and let me finish up with some fun group pictures, no one complained but more so they cheered and poked fun at each other for better reactions. The whole wedding party can sing the new Miley Cyrus song, with gusto… Both the bride and groom hopped on top of hay bales on the family farm, willingly and without incident. Thank goodness she had switched her shoes by then:) And they came up with poses on their own, which makes a photographer’s day. For Des it was romantic scenes with a rural background, and for Drew it was a modern marriage take on American Gothic. Can you see why this couple clearly is the right match for each other? Midwestern weddings really deliver, so with Miley as back up, I am singing the praises of Des and Drew for planning a fabulous day and starting their marriage off on the right foot… in their best pair of boots…


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