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We interrupt this wedding to bring you…

Aug 12, 2013

Well, I know Chad would finish this with hunting season, or perhaps track season. But Sara would say “a roller coaster ride”, and I am so glad! Nearly the whole wedding party hopped on a roller coaster for a wonderful photo op and a great story of course. We also made our first stop to pay homage to Lambeau Field, even if you weren’t a Green Bay fan at the start of the day, you were by the end:) There was obviously a lot going on this Saturday for Sara and Chad’s big day, but they hardly left each other’s side. To say they are one another’s best friend would be accurate, but as the maid of honor put it “they were made for each other, because no one else could stand it”. Well they stand it quite well, I could have filled up the entire blog post of pictures of the two of them laughing at each other, but I had to throw in some purdy ones too. This celebration was well worth the trip up to WI, to share in the fun. To see Chad cry at Sara’s gift to him, so see Sara’s mom use goofy fake teeth at the reception, to see one of the cutest flower girls ever get so nervous she forgot to drop her petals, to have a wedding party willing to do anything for a great pictures, and mostly to see my baby sister’s best friend marry her new best friend. And thank goodness they found each other but because they are quite the match! Enjoy the preview:)

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