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Aug 19, 2013

Okay, so I was teasing the groom from Saturday’s North Platte wedding that I had too many classy options to choose from for a title for their blog post, of course most were taken out of context from comments his groomsmen were making:) But this one won out because when I first met Jill and Jared they were both in the middle of grad school, so we are dealing with a studious crowd.  But more so, I am encouraging others to take notes on how Jill and Jared handled their day. For the ladies: When your veil has a mind of its own, just laugh and ask for help. If you start crying when you see your groom for the first time, its fine, we’ll fix your makeup. If you make cookies as well as Jill can, make a double batch to share with your wedding party. If you want to dance with your uncle during the dollar dance but he’s in a wheelchair, just hop on his lap and spin around the dance floor. Wear whatever shoes you want, the groom and the photographer will not mind. And it is just fine to hand your bouquet to a friend who wants and deserves it.  For the gentlemen: If the flower girl is terrified to walk down the aisle, just go take her hand and help her out. When its your turn to speak at the reception, absolutely recognize and praise your new bride’s countless hours and amazing efforts. Make sure there’s an interpretor for your grandma so she always knows what’s going on, she’ll love you more for it. Let your bride wear the shoes she loves, don’t protest… too much.  And beware when the crowd encourages a better show during the cake cutting to smell cake for the rest of the night.  I hope you learned something from the newlyweds, Jill and Jared. It’s a class I won’t soon forget:)

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