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Can you get that in camo?

Aug 26, 2013

I love how you get to know a couple pretty quickly during their wedding day, especially when they have added personal touches. Ashley and Josh added thoughts about one another into their ceremony, including how excited they are to make a family with Isaiah, how Ashley will now shop for camo while wearing camo, and how she threw the ring aside to hug Josh when he proposed. It’s hard to take pictures when you are tearing up, you know? Well I managed to hold it together enough to get ¬†few pictures of the ceremony. And then my next challenge in getting a shoot off was to keep my camera in my hands. I have done several amazing weddings in Scribner, and some of the groomsmen have grown pretty comfortable around me. Yes, this makes for very relaxed pictures and easy going expressions… and apparently the desire to commandeer my camera equipment. I overcame this hurdle some how too, and thank goodness because every 10 seconds Ashley and Josh are doing something photo worthy. Either Ashley is tromping through a field to get to some picturesque hay bales, Josh is twisting his newly acquired camo wedding band, or they are both dancing with Isaiah. It was a gorgeous country day in a wonderful small town, and I have a feeling that this new little family is already feeling quite a home after a fun weekend of festivities. Enjoy the preview!

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