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What a sweet way to wrap things up!

Sep 23, 2013

If there were some things that were delightfully consistent about Paige and RJ’s wedding on Saturday it would be: funny facial expressions and great shoes. You could have an entire conversation with Paige using only facial expressions, and RJ’s mischievous smile and quick wit made for so many bouts of laughter my face hurt by the end of the evening. ¬†Every member of the wedding party had swoon worthy shoes (the groomsmen got to have 2 pair!) and they did not let them go to waste, they rocked a View West’s dance floor way past when I packed up shop. There were a few quiet moments that evened out the pace of the day. Like when the couple got to see each other for the first time, or when RJ wiped Paige’s tears quicker she could acquire a tissue during the ceremony, a subtle fist pump to follow the kiss. Or when RJ, his dad, and their other relatives were all vying for a spot in line to dance with the grandma and matriarch of the family, Mary, once she hopped on the dance floor. Thankfully I had Julie shooting with me for good luck, but this is my last wedding for a while because of a little one due here in a few days, however I am so glad it worked out that I got to be there to see the sweet kisses, the hilarious toasts, the extremely well coordinated shoes, and the union of this gorgeous Yankees fan and a sly, Italian Mets fan. Enjoy the sneak peek:)

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