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Tied the knot, got hitched, took the plunge, you get the idea :)

Apr 14, 2014

It’s a good thing Payge (and her mom:) didn’t have any longer to plan her wedding because I was already firing on all cylinders to try and capture all the beautiful parts of the day.  The day began at the Joslyn Castle on one of the prettiest Spring days a photographer could ask for. I love the Joslyn because it has lots of room to scout around in, and good thing because Josh and Payge come from families who love weddings! They both had tons of family there, and a rowdy group of buddies. Although it’s hard to choose few of my favorite moments were…  when the couple literally tied the knot (some advanced rope skills required), watching Karin’s (mom of the bride) jaw drop when she finally got to see Payge totally in her wedding dress, seeing how at ease the couple was when it came time to see each other for the first time that day, a miniature cowboy named Tate who gave a fabulous best man speech, and realizing every bridesmaid was an expert at pulling funny faces when I would point my lens at them, all day long:) The reception was at the Cherry Hills Event Center. I hadn’t shot there before but I have a feeling it’s never been so lovely. Every table centerpiece was different, and tons of the decorations were heirlooms of the couple’s families. Can you see why I am glad there wasn’t even more going on? I might have blacked out from sheer wedding awesomeness… thankfully I held it together, and here’s the evidence. Enjoy the preview:)

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  1. M Yates says:

    Truely the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. The elegant simplicity was breath-taking. The speeches were the over-the-top!
    I am a bit bias…since they are my precious nieces, newphews…

    • Karin Pruess says:

      I met Royce many moons ago at Rockbrook Camera. I was drawn to her by her cool unique name & and warm friendly personality. I can remember the day she told me she was going out on her own, starting her own business, I remembered thinking, oh am sad she is leaving but I have to watch for her work! I was blown away from the first session I ever saw. Now today I got my daughters wedding pictures that Royce had taken less than 2 weeks ago, and cried like a baby! She didn’t miss a thing. They are truly the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. To top it off, the whole wedding party adored her and loved her fun and laid back approach! Royce, thank you for being a great person, great photographer & a great friend! God Bless!

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