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Best thing in Lincoln

Apr 28, 2014

I don’t know what the 1,000 + people were doing in downtown Lincoln on Friday night, but if they weren’t at Liz and Andy’s wedding at the train station, they weren’t having as much fun as I was! The whole day was a blast, and it was kind of hard to take a bad picture, between the adorable flower girls and comical attendants, and a Liz and Andy, who wake up looking like a wedding models.  Oh, and I was ready to put Andy’s grandparents in my pocket to take home for myself. Between the bridesmaids working hard to scuff up their new shoes and the groomsmen struggling with their suspenders, we got to know each other pretty well pretty fast.  Liz is the baby of 10 kids, so not only is she really good at sharing, she knows how to make sure a huge crowd is having a blast. But I think she sure met her match in Andy, when it comes to being able to work a crowd. At the beautiful reception there was legit polka dancing, barrels of popcorn, and an adorable wedding video. It was the first of 2 weddings this weekend, and I think its a pretty good sign when I leave the Friday night wedding excited to wake up and do it again. Thank you Liz and Andy for keeping me laughing all day, and for providing for me without a doubt the best Friday night plans a photographer could ask for. Enjoy the preview:)

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