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A movin’ and a shakin’

Apr 29, 2014

You might think that because Chris and Molly were married in a very spiritual, deeply religious ceremony at St. Vincent de Paul’s catholic church that the day was a bit reserved and fairly low key. And you would be wrong… Although the faith they share plays a huge role in their connection, Molly and Chris also share a love of dancing (coordinated or not), good laughs, funny inside jokes, and high energy celebrations. And as soon as you are surrounded by their friends and family, you feel at ease to joke, laugh along, and yes, dance. After the ceremony, we stopped for some fun wedding party pictures, and they literally ended up in a kick line. How do you top that? The goofing and dancing naturally continued on at the reception, where there was just more willing participants in this crazy day. Once these two refueled with some delicious catering, they were back at it. It was then I realized where Chris and Molly got their sense of humor and their dancing skills… their families. During both the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance, did they switch half way through to some funky beats. Could not have been funnier:) And to hear from their siblings during the toasts how giddy these two were when they first got together was great, because they are still just as giddy to be husband and wife. Nothing low key about that:) Enjoy the preview…


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