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Ye Be Warned!

May 19, 2014

If you want to have to revaluate your ability to have a good time and party all night you should attend a wedding made largely up of professional DJ’s. Apparently after years of training, they have developed an unnatural knack for dancing, goofing, and playing sand volleyball from the moment the priest says “… man and wife.” I didn’t see that coming… I just assumed the biggest change would be great music all night long, maybe some above average group dancing. There was that, and quite a bit more.  Fannye and Andrew met because they both worked as DJ’s a few years ago, and after hauling around heavy equipment and coordinating cuban shuffles still found time to hang out after their gigs.  These two know how to have a good time a wedding, they are professionals:) We started at the beautiful North American Martyrs Church in Lincoln, and then hopped on the party bus were their DJ, James, already had the party started. We probably wouldn’t have gotten off, except the wedding party was getting hungry, so it was off to the reception in Downtown Lincoln. There was still plenty of party left in the wedding party, so that dance floor saw plenty of action 🙂 I don’t know how anyone couldn’t have a great time with this crowd, even if they were content to just watch Fannye and Andrew on their big day. Fannye with her sweet way to nearly bring anyone to tears with her sincerity, and Andrew with his earnest attempts at speaking Spanish and beating girls in dresses at volleyball. Cheers to you two! Thanks for a crazy fun night, enjoy the preview:)

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