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Pretty pretty kisses

Jun 9, 2014

So Shannon was about 5 minutes late to getting to the Scottish Rite Cathedral to start pictures on Saturday. She needed to run home because she’d forgotten her fabulous lipstick. She knows it’s fabulous because she works at Sephora, but what she may not have known is how great it looked on Andy. We all found out at the same time when they first saw each other, and then again during their ceremony. Andy looked pretty great in his grey suit and bow tie, but wearing the lipstick of his new bride suited him quite well. Shannon also wore her grandmothers pearls and wedding garter, and a dress that weighed about as much as she did. Come to think of it… her bouquet was really heavy too… thank goodness she wore Toms to keep her feet comfy all night. Well aside from knowing how to dress and accessorize fabulously, Shannon and Andy know how to goof around and sassy it up for pictures, and dance to Justin Timberlake. It was said during the toasts that Andy knows a little bit about everything. Well now he knows how he looks in Dior lipgloss, and how it feels to be married to his best friend and partner in adventure. It was so fun to be there for the big kick off for your ultimate adventure! Enjoy the preview…

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  1. Kayla says:

    I love the Scottish Masonic Rite! We are getting married there next year 🙂

    Royce, I would love to see more pictures of the reception room and how the tables were organized if that is ok.

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