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The perfect pair…

Jun 24, 2014

So I have a good feeling that Sarah won’t mind that the first picture on her preview isn’t of her, but of her darling niece, Coraline. I have this feeling because when I first arrived at St. Leo’s on Saturday, Sarah was holding and goofing Cora, with her hair and makeup totally done. We basically had to tell her “stop playing with the baby, it’s time to put on your dress”. By the sweet connection I saw between these two, you’d think Cora was Sarah’s favorite person in the world. But I think she’s 2nd:) Once Sarah got to meet Bryan at the end of the aisle, there was no separating them, the whole day. Not even to escape the heat or the enticing call of the dance floor could split them up, no matter the setting, they were connected at the hip. These 2 can keep each other in the best of moods, and that came in handy because there were some hot topics that put it to the test: riding in an extremely hard to navigate limo, that could use an AC revamping, and the AC wasn’t working at their reception site either. So good moods and fans came to the rescue and we all had a fabulous time! Laughing at Bryan’s mom’s toast, and guests boogying on the dance floor. It was a pleasure spending a very big day with this very well matched couple. Enjoy the preview1

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