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Worth the trip…

Oct 21, 2014

I would bet my favorite camera strap that most people in attendance at Mike and Abby’s wedding on Saturday were from more than an hour away. I was. Mike was. The people in my pew at the church were. The folks I sat with at dinner could have walked to the reception they lived so close, but they were practically the only locals I met. It was really a fun mash up. This grand gathering of Mike and Abby fan’s was in Manning and Denison IA. If you ever have the chance to visit Manning, stop and see the Amazing Trinity Historic Church. It’s the most picturesque country church I’ve shot in. And if you’re hungry from touring, make the short drive to Denison and fill up at Cronk’s. I had more than one person tell me to come back just to sample the fare. As if these hotspots weren’t enough to entice me to get over to IA, Mike and Abby are some of the nicest, most genuine people to be around. A wedding day can be chaotic at best, but they just floated through making sure their friends were well fed and their families were enjoying themselves. As a bonus, they have a posing dog named Boston, found sparklers for fun night time pictures, and because they are as aforementioned “worth every effort to be around” got a great live band to boogie with all night. See why we all had no problem getting ourselves to this wedding? Enjoy the sampling NE, IA, AZ, WA, ETC….

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