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My face hurts…

Nov 3, 2014

I knew from Kim and Brock’s engagement session that their wedding would be a hoot. They brought fake mustaches, we ended up in a creek, it was glorious fun photo magic. So, on their big day this Saturday, I was not disappointed:) I was either “awing” over the cuteness or chuckling at the hilarity of the current scene. A few things that elicited the the “awww” reaction: Kim and her mom in a few quite moments and seeing how close they are, Brock fixing Kim’s veil when it tried to adios during their first look, the flower girl Ellie’s kiss face, the maid of honor’s confessional toast (okay this one makes both lists), the sweet ring Kim picked out for Brock (yay for man jewelry!), and the first dance for the newlyweds when they finally got to hold each other after so much action, food, and goofing. And now for the top funnies of the day: the confusion of hand placement from the ushers photo, watching how serious shuffleboard can get at a wedding bar stop, Brock trying to give Kim a piggyback ride in her wedding gown, hearing the paster recount how bad Brock is at technology that nearly lost him Kim’s attention, and seeing the bridal party try to take cues from the groom on how to act like a fierce tigress for photos. I think Kim said it best at the park we stopped at for photos, with “my face is starting to hurt”. It may have been the cold or it may have been the constant smiling and laughing, because mine sure did too 🙂 Thanks for the laughs and the smiles you two, enjoy the preview!

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