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Jun 15, 2015

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m now officially 30 or because there were too many awesome things going on at April and Steven’s big day, but I have had the hardest time picking one part of the wedding focus on. So you can choose from the pictures:) I was lucky enough to shoot this wedding because Steven’s big sister, being an amazing and also wise photographer, didn’t want to document her own sibling’s wedding. But it turns out that several people in this family are skilled photographers and have worked with Micheala. Not intimidating at all right? Thank goodness sweet, elementary school teaching April is the embodiment of easy going and making people feel welcome, as she stands more than a foot shorter than her entire new family of in laws. There were countless offerings of a stool for her to stand on, and some really were genuine because those two love birds could have easily developed a crook in their neck as they were sneaking in kisses all day. Okay, I guess the whole day wasn’t intimidating… There was River, the flower girl, who was hiding herself under April’s dress during the ceremony, groomsmen to witty for their own good, some crazy uncle who sang “Piano Man” at the reception, birthday cake to share after dinner, and a couple who may not be able to ever look each other in the eye without a handy stool, but seemed so excited to start this chapter of life together and to leave their photographer so blissfully blank minded at the cuteness of it all. Thank you April and Steven for trusting Micheala’s choice to let her awkward friend creep around you on your wedding day! Enjoy the preview:)


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