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The wild card

Sep 8, 2015

They say there’s one in every family‚Ķ the wild card. I say there’s one at every wedding. Normally its an usher, because the groom insists he be part of the day and the bride was concerned about having him as a groomsmen, so making the wildcard an usher is the compromise. Saturday’s wedding had plenty of rowdy groomsmen and ushers, but the real wild card wasn’t among them. He was seated in the front row of the church however, the one reserved for family. Because Saturday’s wild card was the groom’s grandpa. Yep, Bob had us guessing all night long. He stuck his tongue out for pictures, danced and posed for the selfie stick, and then in true Grandpa Bob tradition, cross dressed to dance a funky number with his new granddaughter in law. You can’t beat that! Aside from keeping my eye out for true photographic gold from Bob, I managed to find a bit more at Kelly and Bill’s gorgeous wedding. For instance, the way Bill’s eyes nearly fell out his face when he saw Kelly for the first time all dressed up. Or seeing how shy the flower girl, Brynlee, was unless she was holding Tommy, the ring bearer’s, hand. And the amazing feeling inside St. Bridget church truly added to the day as Bill and Kelly began their official new family of 2. Never underestimate the power that comes from a beautiful church, a group of hilarious good-natured friends, live music at your wedding, and what a wild card can do on the dance floor. Hope you two enjoy the sampling:)


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  1. Sara says:

    wow! these turned out so great! WHAT A FUN DAY! thanks for adding to the fun Royce!

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