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Roots run deep

Mar 15, 2016

Remember those awkward high school years? And how smart you thought you were in college? Can you imagine loving someone all through those times and having them love you back enough to say at the end, “let’s keep these awkward good times rolling, say forever”? If you can’t, allow me introduce you to Ross and Lena. High school sweethearts, college roommates, 4H competitors, doggy parents, and now adorable newlyweds. They even work at the same company now! These two will steal your heart individually, as a couple, and collectively with their group of rowdy attendants. Their wonderful wedding day had lots of booty shaken’, boot shining, fair ground stomping, and celebrating of martial bliss of course. The day started with the girls getting ready at the house where Ross’ great grandmother and grandmother were born and is still in the family, and the men were target shooting instead of doing their hair. The ceremony was in a cozy country church that was nearly bursting at the seams from all the adoring guests, had a photo stop at the fair grounds where Ross and Lena met and got engaged, and then onto the dancing, cake smashing (on Ross’ part) and dining one town over. I know love grows in all sorts of places, and I’m convinced that showing hogs was the perfect place to start for these two because it’s clear those roots run deep and will keep on growing. Enjoy the preview you two kids! Blog_Photo_Template


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