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What’s the rush?

Jul 6, 2016

The pace of Saturday’s wedding went at a different speed than I am used to. The bride got to the church after the groom and only about 45 minutes before the ceremony started, the two lovebirds hurried away from the lit unity candle as it started to slide down the candle holder, they snuck in not just 1 but 3 great kisses after they were pronounced man and wife, and then we did a bit of rushing to get out of the church after the ceremony because the 2nd ceremony of the day was set to come in. And of course because of the relentless rain we hurried to the bus, to the hotel and then to the bar.  While on the bus, everyone scarfed down much deserved boxed lunches from Jimmy johns, which did revive us a bit to rush to get a few pictures off before the swim trial crowds came back into the shot down at the Hilton. We had to hustle to get at least one cool picture in front of the JD Tucker’s, where the couple first met, before drenching the bride, and this was all before the reception! Then I was rushing to try to get a piece of cake that was shaped like Michael’s P-8 Poseidon airplane, and guests were fighting to get to the front of the line because the DJ swore he’d only give them 3 songs for the dollar dance. I also saw the man who successfully snagged the garter from the side of the group swoop in because his girlfriend had just caught the bouquet. A few things didn’t get rushed through though, like measuring the placement of insignia on the military uniforms or the securing of the brides amazing bright blue heels. Stephanie and Michael also didn’t rush through their first dance or boogying with their parents on the dance floor. Fast or slow, it was an amazing day at any speed. I just needed a good nap afterward:) Enjoy the preview you two speed demons!



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