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Nov 7, 2016

I typically try to select about my 10 favorite images for a blog post for a wedding. For Kyle and Lindi’s, I started with about 40 and had to really narrow it down.. I’m guessing I was in love with so many images because Lindi is ridiculously cute, or because I’ve been buddies with the groom for a good 15 years, or the insanely nice weather which lead to tons of fun downtown, or how easy going the whole wedding party was. Maybe it was pretty details, like hundreds of paper cranes, lego cake toppers, vintage rings, handmade tie clips, or the groom’s amazing hair:) I suppose it doesn’t really matter. These were a few of my favorites, but surely not all. I giggled as the girls continually gushed at each other how amazing they really looked, or tendency for the group to default to an extreme double chin for goofy pictures, or the funny awkward pause when the musicians were trying to transition from the processional to the bride’s entrance and we all got to stare and Lindi and her dad for a nice long quiet couple of moments. Or how Kyle’s ring really didn’t want to go on. Oh, goodness! Such a fun day! Like you need a good long nap after that much fun! It’s really one of life’s pleasures to watch a good friend exchange vows with someone they love, it’s even better when you can see how well matched they are, and it’s all the more spectacular when you essentially get an all access pass to the day because they were crazy enough to trust with the pictures. It couldn’t have been better you two! Enjoy the sampling!


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