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Hard to beat!

Mar 21, 2017

Everybody knows that its simply impossible to be more stunning than a bride on her wedding day, and Kristin was an absolutely gorgeous addition to that truth. Her dress, hair, and flowers could not have been better chosen. She even had a bold accessory that looked suspiciously like a wrist splint, but she rocked that too. Her groom Travis was easily the 2nd best looking person in the room due to his adorable arm candy/ 4 year old daughter. I could not have asked for a better flower girl, she could give lessons! Both the bride and groom clearly picked their attendants wisely based on who in world loves them the most, because the toasts were heartfelt and the laughter was constant. Even the wind behaved for their wedding. One of the best moments of the day was when Kristin played the piano near the beginning of their ceremony with her mom sitting next to her, just like she’d done some many times before when they attended the same church as a family. Or when the best man and groom were sitting in the “couples’ seat” of the trolley and Kristin was happy to sit next to window with her sister, catching a breeze. Or watching the traditional family dances that kicked off the reception. Okay, so the flowers might have been delivered to the wrong church at first, and there might have been a broken wrist in the mix, and gorilla on the groom’s cake might have fallen over. But that’s a wedding! And now these two lovebirds are married and looked darn good doing it! Congrats you two, enjoy the sampling:)


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