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Blogging feels like journaling for the world at large. I take pictures, then I write about pictures, and the madness that was going on at the time of said pictures. And I share that with you folks. Blogging in a nutshell!




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I don’t know if other folks in the wedding industry do this or do it to the extent that I do, but so often when I’m photographing a wedding I’m saying to myself something like “This is exactly what I would have chosen too!” or “Holy smokes, I’d put this in my dream wedding!” Well […]

Kevin received a unique wedding gift from his father in law on Saturday night. In addition to Annie’s hand in marriage, Chris gave Kevin access to the Wolfe family chat thread. He did give a warning that joining the chat does also make you a target for ridicule from the other members, but it sounds […]

Jessica and Chris were hitched this weekend, and the two days made for a wild ride! There was a duck mask for the first look (on the practical jokester bride), a wedding dog, a navy uniform clad bridesman, the cutest flower girls, and a pit stop at Dave and Buster’s for arcade games. And that […]

When you get a large group of friends together, like a wedding party, there’s a few guarentees. There will always at least one bridesmaid who can’t hold a straight face when you want a sassy bridesmaid picture, and there’s always at least one groomsman who can’t hold “it” when you just want one more big […]

It so exciting when your wedding day arrives. Having family and strangers catering to your every need, like keeping you warm in the drizzling rain or telling you how great you look in the wedding clothes you’ve had picked out for months, and your loved ones making sure you are exactly where you need to […]

Your first dance at your wedding is a special moment, one you’re not likely to forget. And I’m certain I’ll remember Jeff and Aimee’s for a long time. Because they got to do their first dance three times… the first two being to very strange versions and then the third time the band nailed it. But nothing […]

Laura and her family have a few traditions that run deep. They all leave their beautiful LA scenery and sunshine to attend college in the bipolar weather of Omaha at Creighton. They dance like champs at family weddings. And a couple of them marry NE natives that don’t cheer for Creighton, but for its louder half […]

I love how personal weddings can be. I love how I get know brides and grooms, and then see their personality and unique taste come out in the details. Jenn and Matt, two masters of quiet observation, did a bang up job of keeping the focus on what really mattered: celebrating their new marriage, family […]

Amber and Joe clearly know a thing or two about weddings. For instance here’s how I feel they would respond to a happy wedding questionnaire: Q. How do you make sure there’s tons of love in your wedding party? A. Have every one of them be married to someone else in the wedding party. Q. […]

Great things come to those who wait. Surely, both Shaila and James know that. She’s powered through nursing school and James has just wrapped up Pharmacy school. Oh, and they’ve waited 10 years since they started dating for this wedding to happen.. Not only does that kind of timetable warrant some pretty fun comments, but […]