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Blogging feels like journaling for the world at large. I take pictures, then I write about pictures, and the madness that was going on at the time of said pictures. And I share that with you folks. Blogging in a nutshell!




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Do you ever try to guess what peoples’ inner monologue would sound like? I love doing this! At the grocery store, during church, and at weddings. On Saturday, when Steve got his first glimpse of Cheri, his only word for a bit was “whoa.” I finished his inner monologue with “whoa, my bride looks smokin’, […]

I was lucky enough to do a third Schernikau wedding this weekend. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, that’s fine because it means a ton to me. It means that Mark, the dad of the bride, knows to yell “the closer the better!” when we are posing for family pictures. It means that I […]

Sometimes I think it would be fun to shoot for a newspaper and be on the edge of breaking news, or even writing for one. However, I’d have a hard time narrowing down headlines for my articles. Here’s my finalized list for what the headlines I could use for a write-up on Jake and Emily’s […]

Here are some of my absolute favorite pictures from Bree and Clayton’s big day. If I wasn’t worried about variety, nearly every one of them would have their adorable baby girl in them. She earned the most money during the dollar dance, she was completely quiet during the whole ceremony, and would smile and chat […]

Its the best feeling to walk into a wedding knowing you’re already friends with the bride, but its an even better feeling when you suddenly realize how hilarious their wedding party is! Who knew the getting ready part of the day was so much fun? Or putting on the boutonnieres? Or watching the groomsmen try […]

Nicole can tell you exactly what it feels like to get a hole-in-one, but I’m guessing if you asked her, she wouldn’t hesitate to tell you this day was even better than that! Nicole and Caleb’s wedding was perfectly beautiful, filled with love from friends and family, a talented brother-musician, heartfelt and humorous toasts, the […]

As a photographer, I often get to see the behind the scenes part of a wedding. Like the reception space all a mess before it’s jazzed up for the evening, or the groomsmen struggling with cufflinks for 20 min, or the mother of the bride making sure there’s no creases on the wedding dress. I […]

This weekend was full of love, humidity, and people with J names. Allow me to explain… Saturday’s gorgeous West Point wedding was between the two lovebirds Jessica and Jeff. They so happen to both have siblings with names who all start with J. Throw in a parent and a couple of buddies with J names […]

Over in Iowa there is a gem of a wedding venue called the Willow Creek Glass Chapel. I’ve been lucky to be there a couple times, so why would I geek out about getting to do a wedding there this weekend? Come to think of it, I saw a couple of things that made perfect […]

Everybody knows that its simply impossible to be more stunning than a bride on her wedding day, and Kristin was an absolutely gorgeous addition to that truth. Her dress, hair, and flowers could not have been better chosen. She even had a bold accessory that looked suspiciously like a wrist splint, but she rocked that […]