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Blogging feels like journaling for the world at large. I take pictures, then I write about pictures, and the madness that was going on at the time of said pictures. And I share that with you folks. Blogging in a nutshell!




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I typically try to select about my 10 favorite images for a blog post for a wedding. For Kyle and Lindi’s, I started with about 40 and had to really narrow it down.. I’m guessing I was in love with so many images because Lindi is ridiculously cute, or because I’ve been buddies with the […]

You know what I feel sets the tone for a great day.. food… and good tunes… surrounded by good friends.. eating food… enjoying tunes… and I believe Sara, my newlywed bride, would back me up. I walked into her folks’ house on Saturday morning to a soundtrack of her buddies singing and dancing while getting […]

I didn’t want to leave Kristen and Edwin’s wedding on Saturday night. I literally hung out at the reception talking to their fabulous group of friends and listening to the awesome band forever instead of trudging to my car with my overloaded bags. I think I laughed the whole day and was just soaking in […]

I love nicknames. I could go a whole day and not actually call my children by their given name, but more along the lines of shorty, sweetness, goober face, number 3, your highness, etc… But Kim and Matt have me beat. Even their parents are in on it! My favorite for sure, is Matt’s name […]

The pace of Saturday’s wedding went at a different speed than I am used to. The bride got to the church after the groom and only about 45 minutes before the ceremony started, the two lovebirds hurried away from the lit unity candle as it started to slide down the candle holder, they snuck in not […]

Kyle’s brother and best man made mention during his toasts to the couple, that Mary and Kyle are very similar. They’re hard workers, can light up a room and put a positive spin on nearly anything. They are both punctual and gracious to friends and new comers like a wedding photographer, and are best friends […]

So I was worried that my brain would be at boiling point on Saturday because of the forecasted 98 degree heat and the lack of AC in the adorable country church that Chelsea and Taylor’s wedding was set. But thankfully the weather gods were a tiny bit kind and it was only 90 and I […]

Yes, it was warm (or ridiculously hot) on Saturday… But it became quickly evident that the oppressive heat was not going to be the star player for Kevin and Jill’s big day, there were way more fun things that got to take a higher priority. Like Jill making sure she got a first look in […]

My wedding on Saturday just goes to show that if you have the right attitude, things tend to work out in your favor. Did you notice that it rained nearly all day on Saturday? And yet, I didn’t hear one person complain during Anna and Ben’s wonderful day. Instead we celebrated that we had a […]

A wedding is made up of many things: carefully selected pinterest boards, coordinating outfits, self-sticks, blood sweat and tears of the bride, a million emails, to do lists, blending family traditions, and moments. Moments like when the couple gets to hug each other for the first time that day, when the bride tears up when […]