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Blogging feels like journaling for the world at large. I take pictures, then I write about pictures, and the madness that was going on at the time of said pictures. And I share that with you folks. Blogging in a nutshell!




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Apr 18

Growing up I could never picture my teachers having a life outside of teaching. It was like they lived at school. Turns out that teachers are fairly normal people. (if normal means voluntarily spending 7 hours a day with a huge group of kids…) Well Kate not only voluntarily hangs with 2nd graders monday through […]

Remember those awkward high school years? And how smart you thought you were in college? Can you imagine loving someone all through those times and having them love you back enough to say at the end, “let’s keep these awkward good times rolling, say forever”? If you can’t, allow me introduce you to Ross and […]

I’d like to think I’m still learning each day. And Saturday’s wedding was a wonderful chance to learn not just one but many new bits of genius and fun facts:) For example… If you want to keep your bridesmaids a bit warmer, buy them matching gorgeous wraps. If you want to feel relaxed on your […]

When you spend some time around Ashley, you get to pick up on some of her hilarious catch phrases. The one that I loved the most was, “Oh my gosh, I can’t handle it!” I’m glad that normally if this statement was directed at me, then it meant something positive. It really became a great […]

Lot’s of things are contagious… yawning, the common cold, a love for mustaches, and smiling:) And Ashley and Charles have the combined smiling power that could rival a Hollywood power couple. Sometimes I enjoy a “moody” photo, but it was nearly impossible to force one out of these two and their wedding party. The problem […]

Saturday marked the union of two people I see so well matched, it’s uncanny. Shane even admitted during his toasts to his guests, that he wasn’t really taking any of their marriage advice to heart because Mickie was too easy to be with to need all that. And if the other toasts are any indication, it […]

You’d expect a bride who works at a clothing store to have a cool wedding dress right? Well Jessie’s was better than amazing! You’d figure for two people who have been dating for seven years, they’d have a lot of mutual friends right? Well the whole wedding party was a giant group of best friends, […]

Warning: You may feel extreme jealousy after reading this blog post, if you were not in attendance at this wedding… Because Captain America and Iron Man were there… along with a few close friends. That’s right, an Avengers themed wedding happened right here in Omaha this Saturday and I got to photograph the madness. There […]

They say there’s one in every family… the wild card. I say there’s one at every wedding. Normally its an usher, because the groom insists he be part of the day and the bride was concerned about having him as a groomsmen, so making the wildcard an usher is the compromise. Saturday’s wedding had plenty […]

I learn all sorts of things about couples in my job. I get to meet them shortly after their engagement, so I get to hear how that went down. I get to hear toasts from their life long friends or siblings, which is always eye opening. I also get to see how they handle stress […]