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Blogging feels like journaling for the world at large. I take pictures, then I write about pictures, and the madness that was going on at the time of said pictures. And I share that with you folks. Blogging in a nutshell!




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Sometimes I think it would be fun to shoot for a newspaper and be on the edge of breaking news, or even writing for one. However, I’d have a hard time narrowing down headlines for my articles. Here’s my finalized list for what the headlines I could use for a write-up on Jake and Emily’s […]

As a photographer, I often get to see the behind the scenes part of a wedding. Like the reception space all a mess before it’s jazzed up for the evening, or the groomsmen struggling with cufflinks for 20 min, or the mother of the bride making sure there’s no creases on the wedding dress. I […]

This weekend was full of love, humidity, and people with J names. Allow me to explain… Saturday’s gorgeous West Point wedding was between the two lovebirds Jessica and Jeff. They so happen to both have siblings with names who all start with J. Throw in a parent and a couple of buddies with J names […]

Everybody knows that its simply impossible to be more stunning than a bride on her wedding day, and Kristin was an absolutely gorgeous addition to that truth. Her dress, hair, and flowers could not have been better chosen. She even had a bold accessory that looked suspiciously like a wrist splint, but she rocked that […]

I love nicknames. I could go a whole day and not actually call my children by their given name, but more along the lines of shorty, sweetness, goober face, number 3, your highness, etc… But Kim and Matt have me beat. Even their parents are in on it! My favorite for sure, is Matt’s name […]

The pace of Saturday’s wedding went at a different speed than I am used to. The bride got to the church after the groom and only about 45 minutes before the ceremony started, the two lovebirds hurried away from the lit unity candle as it started to slide down the candle holder, they snuck in not […]

So I was worried that my brain would be at boiling point on Saturday because of the forecasted 98 degree heat and the lack of AC in the adorable country church that Chelsea and Taylor’s wedding was set. But thankfully the weather gods were a tiny bit kind and it was only 90 and I […]

Remember those awkward high school years? And how smart you thought you were in college? Can you imagine loving someone all through those times and having them love you back enough to say at the end, “let’s keep these awkward good times rolling, say forever”? If you can’t, allow me introduce you to Ross and […]

They say there’s one in every family… the wild card. I say there’s one at every wedding. Normally its an usher, because the groom insists he be part of the day and the bride was concerned about having him as a groomsmen, so making the wildcard an usher is the compromise. Saturday’s wedding had plenty […]

Have you ever been to a wedding where everyone seems stressed or worried about the details or caught up in the drama? Well picture the opposite for a good start of imagining Lisa and Andrew’s big day on Saturday. We were running almost an hour late getting to the church and because everyone was so […]