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Blogging feels like journaling for the world at large. I take pictures, then I write about pictures, and the madness that was going on at the time of said pictures. And I share that with you folks. Blogging in a nutshell!




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The pace of Saturday’s wedding went at a different speed than I am used to. The bride got to the church after the groom and only about 45 minutes before the ceremony started, the two lovebirds hurried away from the lit unity candle as it started to slide down the candle holder, they snuck in not […]

Kyle’s brother and best man made mention during his toasts to the couple, that Mary and Kyle are very similar. They’re hard workers, can light up a room and put a positive spin on nearly anything. They are both punctual and gracious to friends and new comers like a wedding photographer, and are best friends […]

When you spend some time around Ashley, you get to pick up on some of her hilarious catch phrases. The one that I loved the most was, “Oh my gosh, I can’t handle it!” I’m glad that normally if this statement was directed at me, then it meant something positive. It really became a great […]

Everyone has favorite things about their job. Sometimes mine is getting a delicious meal I didn’t have to cook served at a wedding or maybe watching the grandparents during the reception, they are wild cards:) At some weddings its being their for the girls getting ready, there is such a process! At Emily and Sean’s […]

There’s a few problems with working in the wedding industry and already being married, and my wedding on Friday was certainly a reminder of that. One problem is, I see sooo many great things at weddings and wish I could go back in time and use that for my big day, like Fran’s amazing dress, […]

So we all had a lot of new names and faces to get to know on Saturday at Jacque and Mike’s amazing wedding, but I ended up being assigned an entirely new name by the groom’s party. No, I won’t tell you what it was because I don’t want to be called that other weddings, […]